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Station Spotlight: KWBG

Brownfield is proud to partner with KWBG 1590 in Boone, Iowa. This News/Talk radio station is a staple in the community.

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Here are some things you should know about KWBG:

How long has your station been on the air?

72 years

How long have you been a Brownfield affiliate?

Since well before 1998, but that it all I can attest to!

What Brownfield programs do you air?

Managing for Profit, Ag Weather, Markets, Cyndi’s 2 Cents, Commodity Settlement, Healthy Living, Morning Iowa Agribusiness News, Late Commodity Settlement

Tell us about the services your station provides.

As the only daily source of local news, we take very seriously our commitment to focus on what is important to our Boone County listeners.  With a news director who has been here since the late 80s and has a memory that an elephant would envy, the perspective provided by KWBG is rivaled by none.  In addition, we have an award winning play by play announcer that follows 3 high schools and a community college.

Tell us about your community involvement.

Two years ago, that was such a different answer!  I would have said that there were almost no local government meetings that took place without the KWBG News Director there.  And that our sales team participated in multiple Chamber meetings each month.  And that several civic groups had radio station members involved and active.  But in surviving-a-pandemic times, that involvement has been reduced….not because we aren’t willing and even eager, but because social distancing has changed many of those dynamics.  KWBG involvement is still high; but it is now mostly through Zoom and GoTo Meeting.

Tell us about any involvement you have, or coverage you provide, to any agriculture related groups.

In addition to all the great Brownfield programs that provide our listeners with up to date ag info, we do daily posted county prices from our local FSA office; we do a weekly program with our local Iowa State Extension office.  We also partner with both our Boone County Cattlemen and Boone County Pork Producers with features during Beef and Pork month.  And of course, we provide live coverage of the Boone County Fair, with the focus on our local 4Hers.

What other Learfield IMG College networks or services are you affiliated with?

We carry Iowa State football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

We are the proud owners of a Crystal!!

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