Wisconsin’s harvest continues after brief rain & snow

Wisconsin’s harvest was interrupted by periodic rain and snow last week, but progress was made.

USDA reporters say 92% of the corn was mature as of Sunday, and 14% of corn for grain is harvested.  Farmers in the southeastern and southwestern parts of the state are ahead of the average with more than 22% of the grain in the bin.  Corn condition statewide is 78% good to excellent with a moisture content averaging 25%.  The corn silage harvest is now 89% finished.

 Statewide, the soybean harvest is 56% finished and about five days ahead of average.  Even with last week’s moisture, USDA reporters say 75% of the crop is good to excellent.

The potato harvest is nearing the end with 92% of the tubers out of the ground.

Winter wheat planting is now 83% finished, and fall tillage is 34% finished.

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