Wisconsin’s crops had good growing conditions last week

USDA reporters say most of Wisconsin’s crops had excellent growing conditions last week as temperatures in the upper 70’s and 80’s plus a little rainfall helped pollination and growth.

Most of the state had some precipitation, but USDA reporters in the southern and eastern parts of Wisconsin say there were some fields with standing water and mud.  Northwestern Wisconsin remained drier than the rest of the state.

Overall, topsoil moisture is 80% adequate and 12% surplus and subsoil moisture is 81% adequate and 14% surplus.

Seventy-two percent of Wisconsin’s corn is silking, with 14% in the dough stage.  Sixty-three percent of the corn is reported as good to excellent.

Three-quarters of the state’s soybeans are blooming, with 50% of the beans setting pods.  Sixty-six percent of the crop is in good to excellent condition.

Second crop alfalfa cutting is 93% done and 42% of the third-crop is cut.  Fifty-eight percent of the hay is in good to excellent condition, and almost two-thirds of the pastures are in good to excellent condition.

Nine percent of Wisconsin’s potatoes are harvested, with 83% of the crop in good to excellent condition.

Nearly all of the winter wheat is coloring and most of the oats are headed. 

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