Wisconsin’s ag secretary addresses dairy TRQ issue with Canadian leader

A state agriculture leader is asking Canada to live up to the dairy access provisions of the USMCA trade agreement.

Wisconsin ag secretary Randy Romanski says the Canadian Consultant General was a presenter during the recent meeting of the Midwest Association of State Departments of Agriculture in Chicago, and he took advantage of the opportunity to bring up the issue where Canadian tariff rate quotas are not being made available to U.S. exporters.  “As part of USMCA, market access for dairy in Canada was agreed to and that access is expected as part of that agreement. I know the U.S. Trade Representative has asked for another dispute resolution on how Canada has, we believe, not been following the letter of the agreement or the spirit.”

Romanski says Wisconsin and U.S. dairy producers have been waiting for Canada to live up to the agreement. “The agreement is good to have but the agreement needs to be abided by and enforced.”

Romanski says NASDA has also reached an agreement on ten main policy areas they would like to see as part of the next farm bill. 

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