Wisconsin wolf hunt to end Wednesday

Wisconsin DNR officials have called off the state’s first wolf hunt since 2014.

The Natural Resources Board selected a quota of 200 wolves last week, and the public was able to harvest 119 animals with 81 allocated to the Ojibwe tribes as part of their treaty rights. The DNR says the hunt which began Monday had already reached half the statewide quota within 24 hours in all six hunting zones.

Zones 2, 5, and 6 will close to hunting and trapping Wednesday at 10:00 am. Zones 1, 3, and 4 will close to hunting and trapping Wednesday at 3:00 pm.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, Zone one in far northwestern Wisconsin had nine wolves harvested of its 31 wolf quota. Zone two hunters and trappers in northeastern and central Wisconsin surpassed the 18 wolf target with 21 harvested. Zone three which weaves through parts of Taylor, Rusk, and Washburn counties was at 16 harvested with a 20 wolf quota. Zone five in parts of Adams, Juneau, Wood, Clark, and Eau Claire counties had 18 wolves harvested of their 27 wolf quota. Zone six across the southern third of the state had hunters and trappers harvest 18 wolves, one more than the targeted quota of 17.

Brownfield reached out to Wisconsin DNR for further comment, but they declined to be interviewed. The DNR was forced by a Jefferson County judge to hold the season yet this month. DNR wanted to wait for a fall season, so they appealed but lost.

The winter wolf season was originally scheduled to last from February 22nd to the 28th, but quota targets were met rapidly in all zones except zone four.

  • This story is absolutely disgusting. To kill an animal just for sport by these so called hunters is sickening. Is mankind so threatened by these magnificent creatures that a bunch of whackos with high powered rifles can hunt them. How about the female that is killed leaving behind a bunch of pups which probably won’t survive.

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