Wisconsin soybean growers revisit in-state crush plant options

The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board would like to see a soybean crushing facility built in the state.  Chairman Pat Mullooly tells Brownfield the board had a feasibility study done several years ago, and they want to revisit that. “Why do our neighboring states have them and why can’t Wisconsin, so it’s kind of a renewed look at how we go about, you know, what is the hold up? Why can we not get one to stick here, so it’s kind of a new spin on that study to hopefully get that moving forward.”

Mullooly says it makes sense to try and get a crushing plant built in Wisconsin. “Animal agriculture is high on our list so they kind of go hand-in-hand, so we’re working with two different firms on getting them to jointly look at the feasibility of getting a crush plant here in the state of Wisconsin. It’s something as board members we would all like to see get done.”

Mullooly says a new study would look at both the potential feasibility of a soybean crushing plant and a possible location.

WI Soybean Marketing Board Chair Pat Mullooly discusses the need for a crushing plant in Wisconsin with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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