Wisconsin farmers pleased with the harvest so far

Many Wisconsin farmers are pleased with harvest results this year. 

Raymond Dietrich from the Green Bay area is a dairy farmer who raises his own feed. “Some winter wheat that did okay. It wasn’t an excellent crop but it wasn’t a bad crop. We had alfalfa hay that we managed to get harvested on an excellent schedule, and so we have some excellent quality.”

Dietrich says his family’s farm should have more than enough feed to get through the winter. “We run 29 tons to the acre on a corn silage basis. That’s probably one of our best years.”

Kevin Heeg is a row crop farmer near Chili, Wisconsin.  He’s pleased with the overall crop but concerned about harvesting. “There’s a lot of crop out there, a little wetter than I would like. It’s going to cause maybe a few more fires because of grinding it a little finer trying to get it off the cob.”

And Heeg says there were a lot of soybeans planted in his area between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. “We kinda knew that there was going to be some green beans out there this year. They’re starting to dry down. We’ve got a little bit of a killing frost that was actually kind of nice. It didn’t really nip the corn but yet it kind of took care of the beans.”

Heeg says his soybeans are all in the bin now.

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