Wisconsin farmers comment on crops

Wisconsin farmers say crops are looking good so far in much of the state. 

Ryan Klussendorf of Medford tells Brownfield he’s bringing in more forage for his dairy herd. “I’m going to be starting the second crop. It got pushed back a little bit this year from the cold weather but the crops are looking good.” Klussendorf says his corn and soybeans are doing well. “Everything’s looking real good. We’ve been blessed to be in an area where we had adequate rainfalls and sometimes, were almost getting too much. I feel bad for those that aren’t getting it and hopefully, they can get some rainfall as well, too.”

About an hour south, Kevin Hague raises corn, soybeans, and hay near Marshfield. “I just think everything is a little short this year, but they got planted a little bit late, but everything looks healthy.”

Ken Rosenow near Oconomowoc says it’s dryer to his south but, “Right here, we’ve gotten quite a bit of rain although I’d say for the amount of rain we’ve got, it doesn’t look as good as it could because when we did get the rain, we got it very fast and a lot of it ran off.”

Rosenow says his twenty-plus years of no-till is paying off by holding more moisture and soil than some of the nearby fields he’s seen, and the crops look good so far.

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