Wisconsin farmer still prefers old, red tractors

An eastern Wisconsin farmer says his favorite tractors are old and red.

Doug Nett from Malone, Wisconsin tells Brownfield he has an old International 966 they bought from a neighbor in 1996 that’s still all original. “It’s pretty much all about care. We took of it very well, greased it, oil changes and filters, and always in the shed all of the time. I love those International tractors.”

And as time and money allow, Nett would like to add to his collection of red classics. “I’d actually like to get every, actually one of each series of the 2+2’s. There are eight tractors in all and we’ve got three of them, so I’ve got five more to go.”Nett says he still prefers using the old tractors whenever practical.

Brownfield interviewed Nett during the Wisconsin Public Service Farm Show in Oshkosh.

  • I like old red too. I have original 1941 H that my grandfather started farming with from relinquishing mule power. I also have 1953 H that my dad purchased new. The older H was purchased during World War11 as used since everything was concentrated on production for war. I have a Super A that was also purchased used in early 1960’s. Not sure what year it is but probably in early fifties. All are always shed kept and maintained in original condition. I still use them all on occasions and the older H is the best starting and runs like a sewing machine.

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