Wisconsin farmer finishes soybeans ahead of snowstorm

A northern Wisconsin farmer barely finished harvesting soybeans before the snowstorm moved in.

Ben Augustine tells Brownfield, “It was around midnight, but yeah, we got done. I cleaned up, closed the bin lid, and when I got home, it was almost two-o-clock when I saw my pillow.”

Augustine finished combining 500 acres of soybeans near Sheldon, Wisconsin in the early hours of Tuesday, only to have two inches of snow so far 12 hours later.  Augustine is thankful he was able to finish the soybeans, and that most of them stood up well enough to combine with minimal wind damage last week.

As for corn, Augustine says silage has been done about three weeks, but he and most of his neighbors have not started grain corn yet because they were focused on soybeans but it’s almost time to get after his 520 corn acres. “You know, for high-moisture, it’s probably getting on the drier side for it. For grain corn, I’ve heard as low as 19, so there’s probably a lot sneaking into that low to mid-twenties right now.”

Augustine says they have had recent rain and snow in northern Wisconsin which has kept corn a little wetter than they would like. 

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