Wisconsin farmer confident about spring inputs

A western Wisconsin farmer says his spring crop inputs are lined up with one exception.

Tom Gillis from River Falls tells Brownfield he did get some applications done in the fall. “We already applied our dry fertilizer, and haven’t locked in our nitrogen source yet. Other than that, most everything else has been promised as good to go.”

Gillis says like many farmers, he was waiting to pull the trigger on buying nitrogen as the price has been falling. “That was the recommendation, that, you know, it was high enough and the terminals weren’t filling at the prices it was at so the recommendation was to wait, so I don’t know if the fuel and natural gas I seen crept up. Maybe I’ve waited long enough. We’ll probably lock that in this week.”

And for glyphosate, Gillis says the cost is about half of what it was last year when supplies were short.

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