Wisconsin Farm Center mental health referrals up

More farmers are reaching out for mental health assistance. 

The Wisconsin Farm Center has been offering farmers connections to counseling for more than 20 years, but coordinator Karen Endres says more farmers are reaching out to them because community connections have changed. “Fewer farmers, COVID, losing those social gatherings, so before we maybe would have vented it out at our card club or with the milk hauler when they stopped by, or the seed salesman. we just aren’t getting those contacts and those touch points as much, so we’re not building those strong communities.”

The Farm Center’s Dan Bauer tells Brownfield four out of every five vouchers for free counseling are now redeemed by farmers, and he credits Endres for that success. “She’s given them check-in calls just to see how they’re doing and have they followed through on the appointment. Have they made the appointment? I think that human touch is making all of the difference in the world.”

The Wisconsin Farm Center has recently received additional state funding to help pay for its free counseling and other programs.

Endres and Bauer spoke to Brownfield during Wisconsin’s Farm Technology Days in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Interview: Dan Bauer & Karen Endres from Wisconsin Farm Center

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