Wildfires impacted crop for north central OH farmer

A north central Ohio farmer says harvest has been slow to get started because of development issues.

“We had kind of a shady summer from the smoke from the wildfires in Canada.”

John Linder says soybeans are too wet and they’re just getting started with corn. “Good crops, but corn is wet. It’s north of 30%. It’s not fun, but every now and then we end up with this. We’ve good test weight, good quality and good yields.”

He tells Brownfield tar spot was an issue in some fields this year. “We did apply some fungicide to control some of the worst of it. Visually, if you wanted to go out there today I could show you the impact of it. The plants are dead and stalk quality degradation is taking place.”

According to the latest crop report from the USDA, 20% of the state’s corn crop has been harvested for grain and 64% of soybeans have been harvested.

Additionally, USDA says 73% of the state’s winter wheat crop has been planted, behind the five-year average of 80%, with 34% of the crop emerged.

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