Wide range of conditions across Corn Belt

An agronomist who covers Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and the Dakotas says there’s a wide range of crop conditions.

Tony Lenz is with Stine Seed.

“Like every year, you’re going to get different weather environments. Some growers loved it, they were able to get going in early April in Nebraska. And then as you went north we had some heavier rains that just pushed people back.”

He tells Brownfield the “garden spot” for his territory right now would be the parts of Nebraska that avoided hail.

“We believe that if you can get your corn in early, that’s a good thing. And they were able to get that in and now we’re getting timely rains. I was just in northern Missouri yesterday, they were definitely needing a rain and now it looks like some of those people have picked up a little over an inch. So that’s what a lot of these areas were waiting for.”

Lenz calls rain during pollination a “money maker” and says crops are a little behind on Growing Degree Units but catching up fast.   

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