Whole-Farm Revenue Protection program

A federal policy analyst for the Land Stewardship Project says the USDA offers an effective safety net for farmers with diverse operations.

Tom Nuessmeier tells Brownfield Whole-Farm Revenue Protection is fairly new and not widely adopted, but could make sense for organic producers or those marketing locally.

“It basically provides incentives the more diverse a farm you have.  It covers your whole farm revenue (including) livestock.  So there’s potential there.”

The insurance plan is tailored for any farm with up to $8.5 million dollars in insured revenue.

Nuessmeier says as the interest in agricultural diversity grows, so does the need for more crop insurance options beyond traditional corn and soybean programs.

“One of the things we feel is very positive from a farm standpoint is diversification.  Not only the way it impacts the land and positive outcomes for water, but also the diversification you can bring to rural communities.”

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection covers all commodities produced or purchased for resale during the insurance period.

The exceptions are timber products and animals for sport, show or pets.

Brownfield spoke to Nuessmeier at the Land Stewardship Project Roots for our Future program near Plainview last week.


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