What’s left of corn has to withstand harsh November weather

An agronomist points to a couple of factors that will separate corn as harvest gets deeper into November.

Dan Kohler with AsGrow/Dekalb in southern Minnesota says the crop has been stressed all season, making standability a major concern.

“It really goes back to drainage and the fertility program. The better-drained fields and fields with better fertility were able to get a root system under them.”

The U.S. corn harvest is 66 percent complete as of Sunday, meaning millions of acres are exposed to harsh November weather.

Kohler tells Brownfield 2019 will be remembered for moisture and wind.

“We had three or four events with some pretty high straight-line winds, and that really caused a lot of damage in certain areas.”

He says yields are all over the board, mostly because of planting dates that ranged from early May to the middle of June.

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