Wet conditions affect spring calving

A winter storm is making its way across South Dakota and the cool, wet conditions will affect spring calving.

Based in Aberdeen, National Weather Service Chief Meteorologist Troy Kleffman says there will be at least one foot of new snow and up to 45 mile per hour winds before the blizzard dies down on Wednesday.

“There will be areas of blowing snow, especially as we get stronger winds on Tuesday night. There will be a host of problems for everyone to deal with on Wednesday.”

South Dakota State University Extension Cow-Calf Specialist Robin Salverson tells Brownfield producers are checking cattle frequently and trying to keep cattle dry and warm so calves get a good start.

“It’s about making sure those babies get colostrom within the first few hours of life. In last year’s spring blizzard, you heard about a lot of cows leaving calves. It’s all based on the amount of space you have where you can bring in animals to the barn at the farm.”

She reminds producers to be safe in the extreme conditions and after the storm, Salverson says cow-calf pairs should be moved to fresh ground.

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