Weekend rain slowed Wisconsin’s harvest activities

Scattered weekend rains slowed Wisconsin’s fieldwork, but a lot of corn silage, potatoes, and alfalfa fields were harvested last week.

USDA reporters say 98% of the state’s corn is now in the dough stage or beyond with 87% of the corn dented.  Forty-six percent of the corn is mature. The crop condition was down two percentage points with just 49% reported as good to excellent.  The corn silage harvest is past the halfway point with 53% now in the bunks and bags. 

Eighty-five percent of Wisconsin’s soybeans are coloring with 52% dropping leaves, that’s a day behind average.  The crop condition improved slightly with 49% of the soybeans in good to excellent condition.

Sixty-five percent of Wisconsin’s potato crop is now harvested, which is six days ahead of average. 

The fourth cutting of alfalfa is 88% finished, also six days ahead of average.

Some farmers have been able to plant winter wheat, as 39% is in the ground and 16% has already emerged.

Much of western and northwestern Wisconsin received over two inches of rain last week, with all but a small area in the Green Bay area getting some rain.  Topsoil moisture is now 40% adequate, 38% short, and 22% very short.

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