Watch for farm machinery on the road this planting season

Planting is underway in many parts of the Midwest and a state department of agriculture director is urging drivers to be patient with farm machinery on the road.

Indiana’s Bruce Kettler says…”we have a lot more equipment on the road from our farms and ag businesses and I would just tell all of us that are not driving that equipment on the road, to keep in mind we’re going to see more of it. It’s slow-moving machinery that typically doesn’t get over 20 or 25 MPH, so we all need to slow down and take our time.”

He tells Brownfield there are several other things to watch for.

“Be vigilant and careful because in some cases this machinery might pull over to the side of the road and you might think they’re turning right, for example, but they really may be pulling over because large equipment takes a lot of room to move, and they may really be turning left,” he says. “Stay back, give them room so they can see you, and give them the space they need to turn.”

He says farmers are helping feed the world by growing crops and raising livestock and the ultimate goal is for everyone to get home safe.

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