Vilsack: Rural America heart and soul of country

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack acknowledged to farmers Friday in Missouri that they’re in a highly stressful position, but says he has great confidence in those who farm.”This place we call Rural America is, in my view, the heart and soul of this country,” Vilsack told the more than 100 people at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri. “In my view, this is the place where we celebrate family and community every day.”

Vilsack, holding the 16th in the administration’s Rural Tour series of town hall meetings, fielded questions and concerns ranging from Cap and Trade to the woes of dairy producers. Versailles, Missouri producer Dwayne Shad asked Vilsack what can be done to provide greater certainty that lenders stay with struggling hog and dairy producers.

“I think it’s great that they’re doing it, its just if they for sure take the information they get, the comments that are made back and really study them and do something about it,” Shad told Brownfield following the event.

Vilsack talked to reporters before departing, but prior to meeting with farmers, Vilsack and Congressman Ike Skelton toured the Show Me Energy Biomass Cooperative in Centerview, Missouri.

“Obviously this has been good opportunity for me to hear what’s on the minds of folks in this state,” said Vilsack, addressing reporters following the town hall gathering. “Show Me Energy was an important opportunity for me to see yet another technology that’s evolving, that I think is going to create new opportunities in rural communities and new markets for farm products.”

The Obama Administration’s ‘Rural Tour’ began in June.

  • Re; cap and trade – web search “Al Gore England one world government”. In early July Al Gore giving a speech in England (I saw the video) was so happy telling the crowd how passing cap and trade by the US congress means they are one step closer to one world government. Here in the USA – outside of Fox – the story was killed on other networks and newspapers. Al Gore and his one world Democrats have people like Vilsack (useful idiots) out telling people there is nothing to fear. People are being treated like livestock taking their last ride before the bad news sets in. This is on par with when the economy fell apart, nobody pays attention then acts amazed when something bad happens. Everybody is focused on a red herring called healthcare. The Democrats will nationalize the farms to get control of the food supply. That is the next major part they need for one world government after passing cap and trade.

  • I’ve toured the Show Me Energy Biomass Cooperative and I found it to be a great idea, professionally managed, and a great blue print for others like it. Where else can you take old hay and turn it into a viable product for human users? (I don’t think cows like old hay either – so it is a win-win for the humans and the cows.)

    I hope Mr. Vilsack reports back to his boss about the great work they are doing there in Centerview.

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