Verdesian receives Global Leadership Award from India’s Minister of Ag

India’s Minister of Agriculture has awarded Verdesian the Global Leadership Award in Biostimulants and Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) Solutions at BioAg India. 

R.K. Goyal, managing director South Asia & South East Asia for Verdesian Life Sciences says the award is a testament to both the NUE biostimulant technology and the work of the Verdesian team in India.  He says Verdesian is just beginning to scratch the surface of how its NUE technologies can impact and improve ag across the country.

India is the number one importer of urea and its second-largest consumer with 33 million tons of use.  The country uses significantly more fertilizer on ag land than the U.S., but with lower yields.  Verdesian says with nitrogen efficiency products available, more sustainable ag production in India is possible.

Goyal says even if a small percentage of farmers in India begin incorporating nitrogen efficiency products and other NUE products into their management plans, farmers should see improvement in crop yield, crop quality, and the environment.  The award was presented in late April by the Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar to Rick Riegner, Executive Vice President – International Business & M&A, and R.K. Goyal, Managing Director South Asia & South East Asia at Verdesian Life Sciences.

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