USSEC highlights benefits of US soy beyond nutritional advantages

The US Soybean Export Council is looking for new opportunities to highlight the benefits of soybeans.

USSEC is using a new tool, the Soy Nutrition Value Calculator, to show customers the added value of U.S. soybeans. CEO Jim Sutter says they are also trying to grow demand for soybeans beyond nutrition.

“I think the continuation of this is to look at the whole soybean— so we look at the oil component and the other physical characteristics of the soybean,” he says. “Just as we are able to have a clear dollar and cents differentiator in the protein side of the equation, we’ll be able to do the same thing for the entire bean for buyers around the world.”

He says this will ensure US farmers realize the maximum value of their soybeans.

“It’s our job to differentiate and build a preference for those soybeans,” he says.  

Sutter made these comments during today during Commodity Classic. 

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