USMEF watching Mexico GMO corn ban negotiations

The head of the US Meat Export Federation says he continues to monitor the negotiations between the US and Mexico over Mexico’s proposed ban on GMO corn.

President and CEO Dan Halstrom says this is not a new issue.  “And there has already been some progress on it, especially as it relates to corn for the use of feed,” he says.  “That has been approved.  But there is still a science-based concern there.”

He tells Brownfield he’s confident commerce between the two countries will not be disrupted. “The economies are so intertwined, my optimistic side says they will figure out a way to come to a resolute decision that satisfies both sides,” he says.  “Because we are so interdependent.”

In 2022, ag trade between the two countries was valued at more than $73 billion.  Mexico’s ag exports to the US were valued at $44.2 billion and US ag exports to Mexico were worth $28.93 billion.    

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