USGC is focused on ethanol opportunities

The US Grains Council is working with partners to develop the global ethanol market and expand sales of US ethanol.

Darren Armstrong is the chairman of USGC.

“There is a huge potential with what we can do with ethanol- I think we’ve just scratched the surface on it,” he says. “US Grains Council has really been all in the last few years. We have a target of 4 billion exported gallons over the next few years, so I think we can get there.”

He says a trade deal with China would help, but there is an opportunity for growth in other countries.

“A deal with China would help, that would get us a long way there, but don’t forget about India, Africa, and Mexico would be a great market for more ethanol,” he says. “There’s a lot of potential in those places and we’re really concentrating on that.”

Armstrong, a farmer from North Carolina, will serve as chairman until July 2020.

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