USDA updates crop insurance for sugarbeets & coarse grains

Farmer feedback has helped improve 2020 crop insurance options for coarse grain and sugarbeet growers.

USDA’s Risk Management Agency administrator Martin Barbre tells Brownfield the changes are meant to better protect farmers.

“We realize this has been one tough year for producers and we’ve done a lot of things to try to help producers.”

The coarse grain changes allow producers more flexibility to choose enterprise units (EU) or optional units (OU) by Following Another Crop (FAC) or Not Following Another Crop (NFAC) cropping practice in select grain sorghum and soybean counties.

Barbre says USDA has also revised the maximum early harvest adjustment factor for sugarbeet growers to update their Actual Production History (APH).

“Before they had a cap on that of their previous year’s APH but going forward they can use that cap or when they harvest the rest of the field and get their full production numbers.”

Sugarbeet growers will also be allowed to use third party testing for raw sugar content.

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