USDA reports 2% rise in winter wheat acreage

The USDA says producers planted more winter wheat in 2021 than in 2020.

The total of 34.397 million acres was up 2% on the year, with a 1% increase in hard red winter to 23.8 million acres, a 6% jump for soft red winter to 7.07 million, and a 2% rise for white winter wheat to 3.56 million acres.

Drier than normal and drought conditions are a concern for parts of the hard red winter and white winter growing areas, while excessive moisture is an issue for some of the soft red winter crop.

The USDA’s next set of monthly state crop condition and weather reports is out on the 25th.

Year-to-year comparisons for applicable Brownfield states:

Arkansas: 170,000 acres, down 40,000 from 2020

Illinois: 730,000 acres, up 60,000 from 2020

Indiana: 310,000 acres, down 30,000 from 2020

Kansas: 7.5 million acres, up 200,000 from 2020

Michigan: 470,000 acres, down 140,000 from 2020

Missouri: 880,000 acres, up 240,000 from 2020

Nebraska: 930,000 acres, up 10,000 from 2020

Ohio: 700,000 acres, up 120,000 from 2020

South Dakota: 830,000 acres, up 30,000 from 2020

Tennessee: 380,000 acres, down 20,000 from 2020

Wisconsin: 305,000 acres, up 15,000 from 2020

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