USDA lowers sorghum production guess

The USDA has trimmed its sorghum production outlook following a downward revision to the average yield estimate.

As of November 1st, U.S. sorghum production is expected to be 235.77 million bushels, down nearly 8.785 million on the month with a 1.6 bushel per acre cut in that average yield guess to 43 bushels per acre on harvested area of 5.48 million acres.

Production was already expected to be significantly smaller than 2021 due to a decline in planted area along with lower yields caused by drought in parts of the U.S. Plains. 2021 production totaled 447.81 million bushels with an average yield of 69 bushels per acre and harvested area of 6.49 million acres.

2022/23 U.S. ending stocks were reported at 24 million bushels, up 1 million from October with that decrease in production canceled out by a reduction for exports. 2021/22 ended with a carryout of 53 million bushels. The average farm price is estimated at $6.65 per bushel, compared to $5.94 last marketing year.

The USDA’s next set of supply, demand, and production estimates is out December 9th.

Comparisons for Brownfield states:

Kansas: 124 million bushels, compared to 265.2 million in 2021; Yield: 40 bushels per acre, compared to 43 a month ago and 78 a year ago; Harvested Area: 3.1 million acres, compared to 3.4 million last year

Nebraska: 16.43 million bushels, compared to 19.78 million in 2021; Yield: 62 bushels per acre, compared to 56 a month ago and 86 a year ago; Harvested Area: 265,000 acres, compared to 230,000 last year

South Dakota: 15.58 million bushels, compared to 13.44 million in 2021; Yield: 76 bushels per acre, compared to 71 a month ago and 64 a year ago; Harvested Area:  205,000 acres, compared to 210 last year

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