USDA cotton crop, ginning total bigger than a year ago

The USDA has lowered the 2019 upland cotton production estimate, but still expects a bigger crop than in 2018.

This year’s crop is expected to be 19.480 million bales, 3% less than in November, but up 11% from a year ago, with a lower yield canceled out by a big increase in acreage. This year, the average yield is seen at 761 pounds per acre, compared to 784 a month ago and 847 a year ago, with harvested area of 12.281 million acres this year, compared to 9.957 million last year.

Upland cotton ginnings as of December 1st are 12,652,050 bales, 2.711 million ahead of last year’s pace, and as of Sunday, 89% of the crop was harvested.

The next ginnings update is out December 23rd and new supply, demand, and production numbers are due January 10th.

Year to year comparisons for upland production and ginnings in Brownfield states:

Arkansas: Cotton: 1.4 million bales, compared to 1.133 million in 2018; average yield of 1,102 pounds per acre, compared to 1,102 a month ago and 1,133 a year ago; harvested area of 610,000 acres, compared to 480,000 last year; Ginnings: 1,060,900 bales, compared to 996,950 in 2018

Missouri: Cotton: 1.02 million bales, compared to 921,000 in 2018; average yield of 1,330 pounds per acre, compared to 1,265 a month ago and 1,373 a year ago; harvested area of 368,000 acres, compared to 322,000 last year; Ginnings: 551,650 bales, compared to 624,700 in 2018

Tennessee: Cotton:  920,000 bales, compared to 770,000 in 2018; record high average yield of 1,104 pounds per acre, compared to 1,116 a month ago and 1,041 a year ago; harvested area of 400,000 acres, compared to 355,000 last year; Ginnings: 716,300 bales, compared to 668,750 bales

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