U.S. corn planting now at 82% complete

According to the USDA, U.S. corn planting made a big jump last week. As of Sunday, 82% of the crop has been planted, compared to 62% last week and the five year average of 93%.That's following a much improved weather pattern in key areas of the Eastern Cornbelt with Illinois now at 62% and Indiana at 55%. Still, some key production areas continue to have a significant lag following a slow start to the season. 52% of the crop has emerged, compared to 30% last week and71% on average.

Soybean planting is just under the halfway mark at 48%. That's up 23% from last week but 17% behind the five year average as farmers concentrate on planting corn. 17% of soybeans have emerged, compared to 12% a year ago at this time and the five yearaverage of 31%.

Spring wheat planting is 79% complete, compared to 50% a week ago, 97% a year ago and the five year average of 95%. Washington has wrapped up planting and South Dakota's at 99%, while Minnesota and North Dakota continue to trail their averages by bigmargins. 45% has emerged, compared to 73% a year ago and the five year average of 77%.

68% of winter wheat has headed, compared to 61% a year ago and 71% for the five year average. The crop condition rating did fall 3% to 45% good to excellent and is now under the year agorating of 47% good to excellent.

Pasture and rangeland conditions improved 1% to 59% good to excellent.

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