UNL Feedlot Innovation Center focuses on sustainability, climate and research


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has announced plans to develop a $5 million state-of-the-art feedlot that will help improve sustainability in beef production.

Clint Krehbiel with UNL says the “Feedlot Innovation Center” will have cattle comfort and research buildings, a feed technology facility, open lots, an animal handling facility and it’s “looking at the interactions between genotype or genetics by environment by management by societal concerns associated with raising livestock for food production and other animal proteins.”

He tells Brownfield the complex will be built at a commercial scale with 2,400 head year-round “going through a feedlot scenario and how we can best manage those animals to optimize performance animal health and well-being. The way we handle those animals and ultimately how those animals perform in those different management scenarios.”

Kreihbiel says construction could take up to two years with cattle being in the complex by the fall of 2023.

Funding for the project is almost complete and recently JBS USA committed $700,000.

Clint Krehbiel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

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