U.S. corn, soybean crop ratings down on week

The USDA’s condition ratings for corn and soybeans declined again over the past week, with hot, dry weather in many key growing areas taking an early season toll on crops. Parts of the Midwest and Plains will see precipitation and cooler temperatures this week, but some of the region will remain dry.

The USDA says 65% of U.S. corn is in good to excellent condition, down 3% on the week and 7% on the year, with the crop fully planted and emerged.

60% of soybeans are called good to excellent, 2% less than last week and 10% below last year, with 97% of the crop planted, compared to the five-year average of 94%, 91% emerged, compared to 85% on average, and 5% blooming, matching the usual pace.

49% of winter wheat is in good to excellent shape, up 1% on the week, but down 3% on the year, with 96% of the crop headed, in-line with normal, and 17% harvested, compared to 26% on average.

Just 27% of spring wheat is rated good to excellent, a drop of 10% from a week ago and 48% from a year ago due to the drought or near drought conditions in the northern and northwestern Plains, with 27% of the crop headed, compared to 18% on average.

52% of cotton is in good to excellent condition, 7% more than last week and 12% above last year, with 21% of the crop squaring, compared to 25% on average, and 4% setting bolls, matching the normal rate.

74% of rice is reported as good to excellent, a gain of 2% on the week and 1% on the year, with 3% headed, compared to the five-year average of 6%.

32% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are called good to excellent, compared to 35% a week ago and 43% a year ago.

The USDA’s 2021 planted area totals are out June 30th.

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