Two groups to study methane from cattle belches

The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy just launched the Greener Cattle Initiative, a joint research effort to reduce methane emissions from cattle.

The groups told world leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland they will give a million a year for five years to help fund research that can provide beef and dairy cattle producers with ways to curb enteric methane emissions, the methane that comes from cows belching or exhaling. 

Enteric fermentation is part of the normal digestive process in ruminants like cattle.  Dr. Juan Tricarico with the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy says the studies will work to identify, develop, and validate effective mitigation options that will also meet farmer and consumer needs.

  • Please I am interested to capture some of this methane not by using masking, but rather by corraling in cliosed greenhouse type feed lots during parts of the day and the night. There are simple low power green energy ways to capture both the CH4 and CO2 produced by livestock. The CO2 can be used to enhance vegetable oroduction and the Methane is free fuel and the ckeanest burning hydrocarbon, which produces water and some more CO2 which can also be recaptured. I am looking for farms which are interested in working with the natural cow and not suppressing or genetically modifying anything; work with the existing natural prifucts of cows and the natural carbon and carbin dioxide cycles. When this is done efficiently and effectively using small scale on the farm solar and wind as power in conjunction with low cost greenhouses; my models show great abundance of food with significant reduction in greenhouse emissions; as well as reduced capital investnents and develooement time comoared to high tech approaches like re-engineering cows, feeds and drugs which will no doubt have unintended consequences and side-effects.

    Please contact me if this approach interests you

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