Turkey not taking direct hit from pandemic like other livestock sectors

turkey at Meeker Cty Fair

An extension economist suggests the turkey industry has felt less disruption from the coronavirus pandemic when looking across the U.S. livestock sector.

Brigid Tuck is with the University of Minnesota.

“We are number one in turkey production, and in a good way I guess for Minnesota turkey farmers, the pandemic has sort of had less of an impact on this industry than many of our other livestock industries in the state.”

She tells Brownfield that was due to several factors.

“The demand structure for turkey and some of our other poultry was a little bit different. As well as some of the processing capacity and the way things are processed in the facilities. As well as having a significant number of independent turkey farmers.”

Tuck says being independent allowed for more processing options, and there was also more slaughter capacity on the poultry side compared to pork.

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