Turkey growers learn how to talk about high-path avian flu

Turkey growers are learning ways to protect against and talk about highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Minnesota Turkey Growers Association executive director Ashley Kohls says recent educational opportunities focused not only on biosecurity but how to communicate with consumers about the virus.

“Some of the high level things that were discussed are obviously (don’t) use jargon, right. HPAI, or high-path avian influenza, folks don’t know the acronym HPAI. But also to really drive home the fact that high-path avian influenza is not a food safety risk.”

She tells Brownfield with so much attention on the outbreak, it’s important to stress the positives.

“Talk about the good things, right. Talk about your healthy birds, talk about what you’re doing to protect your birds. Talk about how you’re caring for your birds. To yes, give a nod to the fact that high path happened, but there are so many more birds and so many other things that are done that are good on the farm.”

Kohls says the association brought in professional communicators during its annual summer summit last month to help the turkey industry share its message with the public.

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