Trump won’t sign omnibus and COVID relief package as is

President Trump released a video Tuesday night saying he does not support the Omnibus Appropriations and Coronavirus Relief Package that overwhelmingly passed in both the House and Senate.

Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar tells Brownfield Trump should’ve spoken up sooner.

“Because he had his own Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, in the room, on Zoom, on the phone, where are these negotiations were taking place.”

In the video, Trump called for increasing stimulus checks and eliminating wasteful spending.

The bill includes $13 billion in agricultural assistance, which Klobuchar calls one of her major priorities.

“Funding for small meat and poultry plants, making sure we have help for our renewable fuel producers. Those were two of my bills that were in there.”

As for where negotiations go from here.

“The Speaker is bringing up tomorrow a bill that would increase direct payments, (President Trump) has got to deliver. His own party has to support that for us to pass it. I’ll support it.”

But Klobuchar says if President Trump does not sign the current pandemic relief bill right now, people aren’t going to get anything.

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