Town hall address tariffs, trade policy

A former chairman of the Senate Ag Committee says the U.S. needs to adopt a different policy to address unfair trading practices.

Former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar says tariffs are not the answer and have done more harm than good for farmers and businesses.

“The administration has been actively fighting for steel and aluminum and in doing so there has been retaliation by the Chinese in soybeans,” he says. “We have to determine if our administration, our government, is highlighting specific industries at the expense of others.”

Lugar, who is co-chair of Farmers for Free Trade, led a tariffs hurt the heartland town hall event in Indianapolis Thursday.

Brian Kuehl, executive director of Farmers for Free Trade, says the their message is simple: the trade war with China needs to end.

“Tariffs are taxes and what our government is doing is putting sales taxes on our products,” he says. “So if you’re a farmer you’re seeing your grain bin be more expensive and your soybeans be less expensive.”

Kuehl says that’s why the group started the Tariffs Hurt the Heartland campaign.

Audio: Brian Kuehl, Farmers for Free Trade


  • And just what would that policy be…the one the past Administrations have accepted? Roll over and play dead while they rob our country’s wealth?!

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