The Dirty 30s: Nebraska farmer credits conservation to avoid another Dust Bowl


A Nebraska farmer says conservation practices have protected the soil from extreme winds this planting season.  

“I believe we would’ve had exactly what they had in the 30s with the wind and dirt storms.”

Randy Uhrmacher of Hastings tells Brownfield the winds gusted to more than 60 miles per hour for several days creating visibility issues and it removed topsoil. “We had some fields that ran together, some flatter fields and the wind just got going on those. It didn’t matter what you did whether it was no-till, strip till or worked with a speed tiller.  The wind got going on those and picked the dirt up and it almost make you sick to your stomach to see it.”

Widespread rain across the Western Corn Belt settled brought relief, but Uhrmacher says this week’s forecast calls for more high winds.

It’s like day after day.”

Randy Uhrmacher of Hastings:

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