Tennessee farmer says parts availability remains a challenge this spring

Supply chain issues continue to create logistical problems, and a Tennessee farmer says it all depends on what he needs.

David Nichols says it hasn’t been easy.  “But so far we’ve been able to keep crop protection products, the chemistry side of things, in-house,” he says.  Nichols, who farms in south Tennessee, tells Brownfield parts are a different story. “I have a neighbor who has a turbocharger issue and they can’t source one,” he says.  “It’s been a national type search for it and it’s just not there.  We’re still seeing those supply issues impact us.”

Nichols says he’s about a month behind his typical planting pace, and is hopeful he can play catchup this week.

AUDIO: David Nichols, Tennessee farmer

  • Is it possible to produce the parts in the States once more? Is it possible to get parts drawings and specifications into public domain? Can we call on manufacturers to release their needs onto local industrials so we can get what our people need?

    Must we wait on a “leader” to get this ball rolling?

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