Technology sets farmer’s mind at ease during planting

Technology is providing a sense of security for a farmer in north-central Iowa.

Jordan Davison of Rock Falls planted 120 acres of soybeans Sunday and was asked by Brownfield if he’s worried about soil temperatures being too cool.

“Yesterday when I planted my beans, we’ve got Smart Firmers on our new planter, and it reads soil moisture, organic matter, and soil temperature. And believe it or not, the soil temperature yesterday on the beans was anywhere from 52 to 58 degrees.”

Farmers want soils at planting depth to be at least 50 degrees to support germination.

Davison tells Brownfield the data off the planter also indicated good soil moisture.

“Smart Firmers were telling me that I was planting in anywhere from 32 percent moisture all the way up to 38 (and) anything above 30 is good.”

Davison is finished planting soybeans and began planting corn today.

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