Taste From Indiana Farms is back

Fairgoers will be able to sample Indiana-grown foods and learn about the state’s agriculture industry again this year during the Indiana State Fair. Taste From Indiana Farms is back after a year off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year’s event is in a new location and Isabella Chism, second vice president with Indiana Farm Bureau, says visitors can expect a variety of commodities in pre-packaged food samples.

“We’re in the Purdue Agriculture Horticulture building on the opposite side of the fairgrounds that we used to be so we’re looking forward to that new exposure and we will be in there with Indiana Grown,” she says. “Also, because of COVID-related restrictions, we’re only allowed to pass out pre-packaged food, but that has challenged us to look beyond what we normally serve to help everyone understand that agricultural products are not just the fresh products in the produce section and the meats, but that they’re throughout the aisles of the grocery stores as well as other places too.”

She says some of the food items that will be available are, “popcorn, Indiana’s new state snack, which will be pre-packaged, easy to find, and available popped or unpopped. There will also be dairy, mint, wheat, beef, pork, and chicken. So, dairy, for example, might be something like cheese sticks. If you think of things we’ve sampled in the past, we’re doing the same things.”

Chism tells Brownfield farmers will also be available to answer questions.

“There are going to be farmers available and you’ll be able to ask your questions firsthand of the people actually growing the food of some of the samples that you’re going to be having and taking home with you,” she says.  “…to come in and be able to learn something about the food you eat every day and where it comes from, who is growing it, why they’re growing it the way they are, and how it gets to your table is a fun adventure we have planned for everyone.”

Taste From Indiana Farms, hosted by INFB Women’s Leadership Committee, is a free event that will take place 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Aug. 18 through Aug. 22 in the Purdue Ag/Hort Building at the Indiana State Fair.

Audio: Isabella Chism

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