Tai hears from farmers about trade policy

U.S. trade policy was discussed during a recent virtual roundtable hosted by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown with U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai.

“Ambassador Tai had promised during her confirmation that she would come to Ohio and she recently met with some of our state farmers, workers, and leaders virtually ,” he says. “She wanted to hear about how and what trade policy affects farmers, manufacturing, and small towns. I think that she learned something from a very diverse group of Ohioans in the roundtable and understands how important US exports are.”

He tells Brownfield it’s important for the ambassador to hear how trade policy has impacted farmers and rural areas.

“Our trade policy has been written in Wall Street banks and corporate board rooms too often and as a result we’ve seen too many manufacturing plants close down in medium-sized towns like where I grew up and in rural areas we’ve seen farm exports not do as well,” he says. “…I think having Ambassador Tai hear from people directly affected by trade policy will mean that she will take that into consideration as the U.S. negotiates trade agreements around the world and she will represent Ohio farmers and workers better than she may have otherwise.”

Tai highlighted the administration’s commitment to creating an economy that gives everyone a fair shot in pursuing trade policies that lift wages, promote worker empowerment, and generate economic security.

The roundtable is the first of several conversations Tai will hold with Members of Congress and workers across the country.

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