Syngenta says new corn herbicide trials show positive results

Syngenta says trials of its new corn herbicide this year are showing positive results against glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Minnesota-based R & D scientist Ryan Lins says control is very good on the most resistant weeds including giant ragweed and common ragweed.

“Acuron GT is controlling these two difficult-to-control weeds very well at 91% control compared to Halex and other competitive herbicides.”

Scott Cully, Syngenta R & D scientist in southern Illinois, says the extra length of residual control from Acuron GT is a huge benefit in his territory of Illinois and Kentucky where there’s heavy pressure from waterhemp and palmer amaranth.

“It’ll help them manage weeds longer into the season, hopefully keeping the fields clean from the time we apply it all the way through harvest. And doing this will also help minimize the weed seed bank for the next year’s crop.”

Acuron GT has four active ingredients and three modes of action and will be available to growers in 2022. Syngenta says it will continue to offer its post-emergent Halex GT in addition to Acuron GT next year.

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