Summit carbon pipeline future is unclear in SD

A cattle farmer and lawyer from eastern South Dakota says it’s unclear what will happen with the proposed Summit Carbon Pipeline project.

“I would say it’s 50/50 the project will happen.”

Todd Wilkinson, also the president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, says the use of eminent domain for private gain remains an issue and legal challenges being considered by South Dakota’s Supreme Court will determine the next steps for the project.

“There’s a number of counties in South Dakota that have passed ordinances about whether they have the authority to determine what happens for permitting,” he says. “If those are upheld, the pipeline is in trouble, but if those are overturned by the South Dakota Supreme Court, the company probably has a better chance with their arguments.”

Wilkinson says the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association remains neutral on the project and NCBA has existing policy on eminent domain.

“It leaves the decision up to the producer to determine what happens with the land.”

Brownfield interviewed Wilkinson at the Missouri Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show.

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