Sukup Manufacturing resilient in face of supply chain disruptions

The nation’s largest grain bin manufacturer is doing its best to keep up with farmer demand despite disruptions along the supply chain. 

Sukup Manufacturing material handling sales director Randy Marcks says escalating steel prices and parts shortages are impacting the world’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage and handling equipment.

“Pricing and availability is definitely going to be a focus for us in the coming months.”

He tells Brownfield farmer interest in expanding grain storage capacity is rising along with commodity prices.

“Obviously with these shortages of some of the raw materials, our lead times are probably going to get out there. So we’re telling people if (they) feel this is something they want to do for the next year, get your orders in and lets get things locked in.”

Marcks says Sukup Manufacturing, based in Sheffield, Iowa, is positioned well with expansions happening at its Hampton and Manly, Iowa facilities. 

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