Study gauges farmer sentiment on biologicals

The Fertilizer Institute and Ag Retailers Association partnered on a recent study to better understand what farmers know about biological products.

Cameron Camfield with the Stratovation Group tells Brownfield they gathered responses from more than 500 row crop farmers in the US and found that a majority are familiar with biologicals and microbials.

“Where they maybe need a little bit more clarity is around some of the subcategories like biofertilizer, biopesticides and biostimulants. There is definitely a strong interest in the category and we see a number of trend lines, that look incredibly positive for the future.”

He says while there were some growers who cited a bad experience with biologicals, most were willing to try them again and for the farmers who had not yet tried them Camfield says they didn’t see deep apprehension in the responses like they anticipated.

Ed Thomas with The Fertilizer Institute says the data allows them to focus on the areas where more awareness and education is needed.

“It is important for the industry to realize we need to do a better job of proving that these products work.”

Thomas says it reinforces the need for the Certified Biostimulant Program that was launched at the InfoAg Conference in St. Louis this week.

Learn more about the study and the Certified Biostimulant Program in this interview with Camfield and Thomas:

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