States challenge EPA over CA zero emissions rule

Attorneys general in 19 states are concerned a new California law banning the use of existing tractor-trailers and heavy-duty vehicles by 2036 could devastate biodiesel demand. 

At that time, California will require most trucks, tractor trailers and vans to have zero emissions, meaning they must be electric, hybrid or fuel cell electric vehicles.

In the petition for review filed in a U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. earlier this month, attorneys general say the new regulations are setting the standard for the rest of the country and a truck ban would be costly for companies and reduce jobs.

Earlier this year, the EPA granted California’s Air Resource Board waivers for regulations on heavy-duty vehicles and engines, because they met criteria under the Clean Air Act.

Attorneys general from Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio are participating in the lawsuit.

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