State vet finds no signs of abuse at hog farm

The state veterinarian in Virginia says he found no evidence of animal abuse or neglect during a visit to a Smithfield Farms facility near Waverly, Virginia. 

In a statement provided to Brownfield, Dr. Richard Wilkes said that the facility has appropriate animal care and handling guidelines and employee training in place. At the same time, Wilkes says he strongly encourages Smithfield to improve its employee training on animal care and handling.

The state vet’s inspection of the Smithfield facility follows charges of animal abuse leveled by the Humane Society of the United States.  The group last week released an undercover video that it says shows inhumane treatment of sows and piglets in the Smithfield facility.

Smithfield says its investigators are interviewing employees, looking at the video and reviewing policies, procedures and training protocols.  The company has also enlisted the help of livestock handling expert Temple Grandin to review the HSUS footage.

  • Ka-Ching. Notch up more sales for Grandin of her commercial livestock handling/kill systems. Still if consumers want to keep eating and feeding families I wonder how they think any small produers could possibly afford her systems? We need a much more direct and hard hitting way to inform and educate consumers just how much Ms Grandin’s systems will add to their food costs. Mandate use of Grandin’s systems and watch consumers have heart attacks in sticker shock across the land over massive food price increases.

  • Smithfield also has a stable of lawyers that should study the tapes (all) and take action accordingly (sue the snot out of HSUS).

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