State Fair: Late livestock entry extension helped

The livestock superintendent at the Missouri State Fair says the fair commission’s decision to extend the late entry date with no fee has really made a difference, “Most of our entries, I think, came close to normal. I think had we not done that there’d been an issue. And I think with that we have maybe even gained some entries in time. Everybody kind of looked at what they had, took a second look and maybe entered some more.”

David Dick says the fair commission made the decision to help people dealing with weather setbacks this year to be able to make it.

As of Monday morning, 760 head of breed cattle had been shown and there are 700 market hog entries.

Dick says there are no animal health issues and credits the state veterinarian and his staff, “Everything’s been going good. No animal health issues. You know, there’s some things that skirt us around like African Swine ‘flu’ (Fever) and different things like that and we’ve not had that. Been real vigilant about that.”

And Dick credits the livestock exhibitors, “Most of those worry about that probably more so than we do because they don’t want to take something home and that is absolutely something to be concerned about because that’s economic viability, you know, long story short, not discounting the livestock aspect of it.” The Missouri State Fair in Sedalia runs through August 18th.

Missouri State Fair Livestock Superintendent David Dick

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