Starbucks joins dairy Net Zero Initiative, Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

Starbucks has announced they are joining the dairy industry’s Net Zero Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability Finance Manager for Starbucks Morgan Collins says dairy makes up 20 percent of their supply chain and they want to work with partners to meet the company’s sustainability goals.

“Dairy has to be part of that equation and we know we need to partner with the dairy industry, and we need to find solutions that farmers want to do.”

Collins says Starbucks wants to learn from farmers to find ways to help them improve economically and sustainability.  He points to a growing interest in renewable fuels generated by dairies.

“To have solutions that help not only with manure management, but also greenhouse gas emissions, and can create potential cost-saving opportunities.”

Starbucks is also joining the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance as a founding member to repurpose food waste in their supply chain into renewable energy at farm-based anaerobic digesters.

Collins spoke during the recent Sustainable Agriculture Summit in a panel along with Dairy Management Inc.

In January, Starbucks announced efforts to reduce 50 percent of its carbon footprint throughout their global supply chain by 2030 which included more milk alternatives.  During this week’s Biannual Investor Day, the company also said oatmilk will be an available option at all stores next spring.

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