#SoyFromIllinois campaign educates consumers on soy products

The Illinois Soybean Association has implemented a campaign this summer to educate consumers about soy-based products.

Communications Director Rachel Peabody tells Brownfield they are promoting #SoyFromIllinois on social media channels and television stations across the state.

“Soy goes into crayons, soy goes into the healthcare field for the hand sanitizer they use every day, soy goes into the turf that football stadiums use to play on. There are a lot of different things that soy goes into from a new uses perspective, and it is really cool that it is grown right here in Illinois, the number one soybean state in the country.”

She says in the past most of their consumer education has been implemented in the Chicago and metro areas, but this campaign strategically targets consumers in both urban and rural communities.

“There are a lot of people downstate too that are generations removed from the farm. There are likely a lot of people in Champaign, for example, that have no idea the amount of soybean impacted material they have in their house that they use very day, or the fact that soybeans are such an economic driver for Illinois.”

They are also hosting a #SoyFromIllinois roadshow which includes two on farm meetings between ISA staff and local soybean farmers.

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